The Penguin

I am a wandering soul stranded at cross roads now deciding where to go.
Need to know more? Well, here it goes..
Je m'appelle Nazreen Fazal. I hold a bachelor's in Media, Communications and Literature Studies. Having had enough of the biased media I am now about to dive into the murky waters of political science. I am a Nomad, and I love it. Most of my writing arises out of the constant flux that seems to be life. I observe and I express. 

This blog is a platform for me to express what I hold close to myself. I am passionate about issues centering around faith, identity and gender, so you'll find that most of my posts revolve around these themes. Some people (read: my mother and friends) suggest that my interest in gender and gender related issues border on an obsession. They are joking of course. I am not really obsessed! Okay, maybe slightly.

I was bitten by the travel bug early on, so you will also find here some travelogues chronicling my trips to various places. I love trying out new cuisines and immersing myself in different cultures so prepare to be bombarded with tons of pictures! 

Ultimately, this blog is my baby. It has grown with me and provided  me with a space to be myself with no strings attached . I hope you enjoy this blog. A lot of my time has been invested in it but my biggest reward would be if any of my words manage to bring a smile. 

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  1. You've expressed the purpose of having this blog of yours. It is clear that you are a gifted writer and well on the way to making a mark for yourself in the field of the arts, books, or as a journalist. I wish you well. You must express yourself on this issues which about which you feel deeply about. Wish you all the best on this journey of yours.