Monday, 8 November 2010

A week in Italy and a few extra pounds...

A few trips in and around the city,daily doses of cappucinos,some photographs and a week is already over. Time flies,doesn't it? A few weeks back I was in my hostel dreaming about my coming Italian adventures,and now here I am relating it to y'all!
The flight from Calicut to Dubai was really comfortable. We flew through Emirates. At Dubai, we enter the business lounge and find ourselves facing mini paradise. It's one hell of a place-reclining chairs,unlimited food,spas,the works! For a moment we caught ourselves wishing that the rest of the trip be spent in a similar fashion. Ah,that was life!

Then we landed in Rome,the second stop on our trip. And got separated. Rome airport has it's own metro service. My mom and Bilal got into a compartment and before Shereef and I could enter the door closes. We stand there for sometime not knowing what to do. Fortunately,people were still getting into the adjacent compartment and we too got in. We were re-united at the next stop. Later Bilal told me that mum was on the verge of tears.Mothers!
Rome was alien. All around we see fashionistas clippety clopping in heeled boots looking like million bucks.I shrank into my humble khadi kurta,re-emerging only to board our flight to Brindisi. The last lap! And the worst one. It was one hour  of turbulence. By the time we landed,the four of us were quite a sight- darks circles and tortured look. Jet lag was working it's way in. Then there was dad waiting for us with an eager smile,we forgot jetlag and turbulence and all and rushed to him. It had been 5 months!

We go home. It's a nice place with a beautiful garden. The house owner,Lily,stays above us. A darling of a person. She sent us freshly baked fruit cake...we found out that she is an amazing cook too.
We got to witness our dad's culinary skills too. He had hot spaggetti and Indonesian rice waiting for us. Mom was quite jealous...but not jealous enough to register that this new skill can be used for her benifit.

Day 1
We go to the local sports club-Circolo Tennis. My brothers enroll for tennis. I don't,cause..well,my hand eye coordination is not exactly remarkable. People might end up hurt. Grievously.
Then,dad takes us for a drive around the city. It was all that I expected. And more. Brindisi is a quiet town. Actually,it is more like a typical European village.The people are amazingly friendly. They go out of the way to help you. And as new-comers to a place,you really appreciate that.
Dinner is kebabs from 'Istanbul Kebab' which,funnily,is run by Pakistanis. And the kebab turned out to be Shawarma. But who cares!

Day 2
Mom and I go to the local vegetable shop (verdura in Italian),reassuring Dad that we know the way back. And,we get lost. But it was quite enjoyable,finding our way back. We ended up walking for about half an hour. We reached home tired but wiser.(Dad didn't think so,when he found out that we managed to get lost when it was only required to walk back straight)

Day 3,Day 4
 Spent at the club. My brothers are fast learners. They consider themselves Federers and Nadals. *sniff* My darlings.

Day 5
The mall! It is out of the city (funny,isn't it?) We spend some time there and head back.
Diwali party at dad's colleague's place. There is a small Indian community there. Very close-knit. The party was a hit,with fire-works and all. For a moment,it felt like we are back in India. We hogged on the food ( I,very elegantly,of course)

Day 6,Day 7
Weekend! That means Dad's free. We head out of the city to Lecce and Otranto.While Lecce is a typical Italian city with old,beautiful buildings, cafe`s and bistros, and posh cars, Otranto is a quiet seaside town. Lecce was buzzing with life. There is a make-shift market under huge tents. They have all sorts of stuff- From boots to hats to Tunics-Everything! We meet two Indian guys at an ethnic store. One from Rajasthan and the other from Punjab. Such nice people,they even invited us for lunch to their place. Talk about hospitality!

The weekend went memorably. Next week we are planning on a roadtrip across Italy. Will keep you updated.

P.S-I tried my Italian on a girl at the airport. She just stared at me. And...Continued staring. I don't think she understood. I tell you,these Italians are slow.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Noooooooooooo! It's cappuCCino! What did we do all that studying for?! And you mess up on an anglicized word! cc makes 'ch'! Like Gucci! And cappuccino! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! No wonder she was staring! :P

    Loved reading your posting :D Both the account of the trip as well as the writing were very enjoyable. Do supplement your stories with pictures. And how come you didn't mention the gift I know you bought me?

  2. Fine,my Italian Guru,I apologise :P
    I'll put up pics next time :)
    And the gift,well,it's a,actually I haven't bought it yet :P

  3. loved your post...makes me want to see Italy. Immediately!!!!

  4. Thanks Kanju!You can come here :))

  5. Loved the ending! =P =D
    Great blogs Nazreen! =)

  6. Thanks Prakruthi :)
    And the ending..well, when it happened I was quite pissed :D