Thursday, 21 November 2013

Let It Go

On cloudy days, when gloom prevails
and shoulders sag with the weight 
of the world and its many folds
When you stand alone
watching the world revolve 
Crumbling, tumbling. Breaking and tearing,
Remember to let it go. 
Let it go.
Don’t let the tears stop.
Let it flow.
Cup your palms and collect what remains of
broken hearts and shattered dreams.
Let the pain seep through your pores and
drain yourself inside out.
And just when you think you are done,
Pull yourself out and head back into the whirl because
The world won’t stop spinning if you get dizzy,
So hold on to what remains because
This is not the end. Never will be.

And remember,
Time will heal as it always does
the scars will fade as they always do
and the memories? They will just float away.

1 comment:

  1. When you learn let it go,
    You thoughts will begin to flow,
    Your heart with fire will glow,
    And you'll be ready for the show.