Monday, 25 May 2015

Leaving Me Behind

The past few days have given me a reality check. A close friend lost a loved one, and I felt her pain. I can't imagine how she finds the strength to deal with this. It got me thinking about what it must be like. Cherish the people in your life. Love them and let them know you love them before you no longer can.

On quiet evenings I wonder
About Life stopping on its track to
Push you off,
Holding me captive
In a carriage
I don't recognize.
About my hands
dangling on the sides,
Nothing to hold on but
A You-Shaped-Space
that follows me around
Like a shadow that clings
after sun down.
About memories sprouting when
tears sew tired lids shut
drifting dreams on waves
where we then meet
And whisper words that never exist.
About my heart breaking each time because
I wake up to nothing but
That You-Shaped- Space
following me around.

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