Saturday, 19 September 2015

Unladylike tales

I walked into marriage ready to become (or at least act like) a grown up. I own a human now! I mustered all the grace and femininity I could and told myself BE A LADY!
It was going really well. For about 48 hours.
Then I went for my first walk with my new husband. It was a cool full moon night, there was a light breeze and we were strolling hand in hand. I know, so romantic! I was just thinking to myself how perfect my life is and then, I fell into a gutter. Literally. Like one minute I was holding Ameen’s hand and walking with no care in the world, and the next I was laying fully flat in a 3 ft deep open drain. You see, the streets near my house are really narrow and because everyone here, except me, has amazing night vision, there are no street lights either. And since it had been raining earlier that day, I could experience the joy of being covered in slush too. Yay.
Le husband pulls me out and after ensuring I am alive, alternates between stifled laughter and ‘are you okay’s. I decide I probably shouldn’t murder him on the second day of our marriage. Then I hobbled all the way back and because shaadi house= 1 million guests, I had to sneak into my own house. To top it all off, I have a scar to remind me of the fall for the rest of my life. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.
So this, folks, is what my ‪#‎PostShaadiDiaries‬ look like. And there's more... 

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  1. Ok... So now I have someone to match my experience of being the (im)mature daughter in law who bought eggs... And then tripped on the front doorstep. And had the living room stinking of eggs for the next 2 days. Okay, thats sounds worse... *Runs and lies down with a pillow over my head*