Sunday, 27 March 2016


Go the blasts from
indifferent bombs
in distant lands and
echo round the world
when the right shade bleeds.
The screen feeds more tweets about
Senseless violence when
some nations shake and
make exceptions when other
lands quake under
outsourced violence
of the everyday,
within borders on bodies imprisoned.
What is this prism
that bends light and
makes blood more red
when certain bodies bleed and break?
Explain this new lexicon of tragedy
where borders decide solidarity.
Or do lives matter more located
outside the peripheries?
Explain why some deaths are meant to
hang heavy on minds, hearts
and coloured bodies
but others deserve no empathy
no mourning, no cover stories
Losses morph instead into self-inflicting rage
and inevitable damage.
Tell me why one grief
transcends as universal protocol while
all other pain is just meant to be
or made to fade away till they
leave scars, start wars and
become booms
in distant lands.

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