Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rhythms of a forgotten city

Clouds assemble and invoke the wind
Now rain drops on the window sill
A steaming cup of tea warming me from within
The familiar smell of a favourite ol' book (More dog ears than I can count!)
The feel of damp, yellowing pages against my hands as I sift through worlds beyond
Battles fought and won and regretted
Warriors killed, leaving anguished sweet hearts in their wake
Orphaned kids and mourning widows
Fate stealing the light from their eyes and twisting it into a knot
Tight. Un-knottable.
Muted laughter and an escaping sob
All this and more
Whispers caught by the wind and taken to a solitary writer's pen
Hasty words spilt on paper and sent to distant lands
And to me
So let me sit back and, with teary eyes, listen to the rhythms of a forgotten city

While this one strangles itself to death