Friday, 19 July 2013


The end was near. Voices hovered over  my head. Time is running out, they said.

'Wait', I said, It's not over yet.

"He's still alive"

"But he's almost gone"

Not yet

"He's our son, Phil. I can't let go. Not now"

"That's it, Deb. It has been a month. He can't even hear us"

But I can, Dad. I hear you.

"Just give him one more day, Phil"

 I may need more than a day, you know

"He's as good as dead, for heaven's sake! I... I can't take this anymore, Deb."

A whisper in my ear: Sorry son, we waited and you never came. We are sending you to a better place. 

And then they pulled the plug.

I was just there. Almost. Waiting for another day.

It never came.

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