Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Confessions of a chocaholic

In four years of University I gained lots of beauitful memories and 10 kgs that wouldn't budge. 10 horrible kilos that I shed this year after trashing my 'See Food' diet and lots of tears on the treadmill. Was pretty darn proud of myself till my mum caught the B1B1. The dreaded baking bug.
Since then she has been on a baking spree. At first I was obviously very pleased. I was having red velvet cupcakes, choco chip banana cake, and other delicious baked goodies every other day. But terror struck when soon that muffin started becoming my muffin top.
And she is so damn good that I can't even stop myself.
Like today she made walnut chocolate cake. So around noon the delicious chocolatey scent, this tantalising intruder, started tiptoeing around the house. Then this sinful aroma shed all pretence of shame and seduced me into the kitchen. This is what happened next.
*Me staring wistfully at the cake*
"Do we have to do this again?"
Cake in a sultry, chocolate dripping whisper: Yes baby. You know you want me... wink emoticon
Me, now looking at my tummy: Tummy, do you want to do this?
Tummy: Girl, you know I have no say in this. Wait, are you drooling?
Tongue: Shut up tummy. You're such a buzzkill. Nazreen, YOLO
Me: That's true. You know what, I am gonna go for it.
*Brain briefly turns up to warn me only to stay back and enjoy the show"
Me after 30 seconds: That was so worth it. 
Me after 40 seconds: Why do I do this to myself. WHYYYY
After 5 minutes of chastising myself: This is the last piece I will ever have. I swear I won't even look at cake. I'll shun sugar for the rest of my cake-less existence.
Then mum calls out from the other room- Hey, I forgot, there's a whipped cream icing to go along with the cake. 
Me: NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII cry emoticon cry emoticon
*Then proceeds to stuff face with cake and cream because ‪#‎MightAsWell‬ *

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