Thursday, 14 April 2016

Asian Remedies

The best thing about being born into an Asian household is that you can actually live your life without ever seeing a doctor. No, not because you never fall sick, it's because there is no bacteria, virus, or cell mutation that can escape the healing hands of the Asian mom, aunt, and grandmom. 
The kitchen is her laboratory, and the spice box her medicine chest. Various permutations and combinations of turmeric, black seed oil, basil leaves, honey, lemon, ginger, garlic, cloves, gooseberry, and milk are used as a cure for virtually anything, from the common cold to cancer. 
Another thing to be noted- you are always responsible for any disease you contract. Cold? Probably because you don't dry your hair properly after showering. Headache? It's obviously excessive time in front of the TV/mobile/laptop. Back pain? Probably because you don't help out at home (true story).
Some of the medicinal combos that have kept me alive so far- turmeric and milk before sleep, honey and lemon in the morning, onions in honey for sore throat, and concentrated gooseberry juice that reaches your toes. 
One time I woke up from sleep and my mother was hovering over my head with a spoon in her hand. As soon as I opened my eyes she said open your mouth and dumped something in and asked me to gulp it down. Honey and blackseed oil. And then I went back to sleep. 
All said, I am grateful for this. It's when you fall sick that you realize how much you need your mother and how much she does for you. 
Thank you moms! Please know that even though we roll our eyes when you tell us about the latest home remedy to boost our immunity or cure cancer, we love the Love which makes you do this for us. heart emoticon
What are some of the home remedies used to (torture) treat you?

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