Sunday, 24 April 2016

You've Got (Hate) Mail

Allow me to explain 
the politics of hate.
Let me give you a taste 
of what it means to be
in the wrong lane.
It entails being lodged
between a rock and a hard place,
and asked to make cloaks
out of doled out despair,
for sons and daughters
born into blankets of second-hand hate.
It's deciding to be walled in
or out, in times when fear trumps all else
and you lose either way.
It means being uprooted from home
and planted a thousand miles away
to be then told you are a parasite that needs to
go back home anyway.
It's blinking back tears as you try to explain
that when they'd severed your roots
and left with gathered goods,
the dust had settled down and
home was no longer there.

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