Monday, 14 May 2012

I am...

I am 

Intertwined fingers in a crowded subway 

Stolen glances in a living room

Shy kisses from a lovely bride

Lazy crumpled sheets in the bedroom

Warm tenderness in a mother’s eyes

The smell of strong coffee brewing in the kitchen

Sharp ting of freshly mowed grass in long summers

Tiny yellow post its on the big white fridge

Square peanut butter-jelly sandwich in brown paper bags

Bloody band aids on bruised foreheads.

I am

A warm embrace after a rainy day

I am

Pain in a patient’s sigh

Parting tears in an inevitable loss

Blind footsteps following denial.

Latent heaviness in torn hearts and

The time taken to heal thereafter.

I am faith in a believer's heart

I am hope in a prayer answered

I add colour

to black and white lives

I am Love

And you need me now.