Thursday, 3 May 2012


Words, they have a mind of their own
Unsuspecting letters put together,
 Forced into meaning by men unknown
A simple sentence when next to one another
At times complex, yet compelling
Leaping out of pages
Screaming comprehension
Sometimes sly, lurking between the lines
Feigning innocence, craving attention

Words, often misused,
The real Weapons of Mass Destruction
Anger and rage all rolled into rockets,
Launched by the tongue or
spilt by the pen now even on news!
Men, women and Nation states,
Blinded by passion and compelled in rage,
Let them loose and in return
Broken families and hearts in flames 
No blood shed, only tears
Which soon pool into resentment.

Words, when served with consideration,
Can stop the tears and still the mind
When sincere make friends of foes and
with a pinch of tact restore fallen pride
When topped with love can
Mend fault lines with tremors no more,
Pick broken pieces and let peace prevail

And yet some wounds never heal
They fester, leaving a scar deeper than intended 
Some words can never be willed back
So careful when you crack that fleshy whip, because these
Words, once out, they can have a mind of their own.

1 comment:

  1. True, put together for spreading anger and love alike. Nice one.