Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Gossiping crickets spread rumours with glee,
Rustling leaves with nervous whispers on their lips
The tired song of a sleepless bird
Guarding her young, lulling them to sleep
Twisted twigs break like crackles of a kindled fire
An end to dry misery
Dry leaves scattered like dirty laundry
Waiting to merge with the fertile soil and start anew.
Dew drops forming on a bud
Losing balance, rolling down and joining the rest

The rush of an eager stream, blinded by haste
to escape the source and seek a name 
Hurling itself , energy unbound,
crashing on boulders, sleepless over stony beds
Changing colours, making choices
Escaping a dull past now pregnant with expectant hopes
Of nurturing far lands and moistening dry mouths
Curving marks on foreign maps
Carving trails for the traveller’s ease
Giving respite to the seeker’s soul.

The moon, now full, looking on with glowing pride
Cruising the skies, companion to the wandering soul
A silvery light touching dark corners
Beautifying, eliciting emotions contained
Leaving young lovers with sweet words
flowing from the heart, waiting to be told.
Then as the night fades and threads of dawn appear
with a sad glow it bids good bye
Parting with promises of another beautiful night.


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